Places of tranquility in Lantau Island

Armie Garde

I BELIEVE in synchronicity. The people we meet, the events we get ourselves involved with, every situation we are in - everything happens for a purpose.

Traveling in places of tranquility helps me understand how synchronicity works and how my meaningful encounters are in harmony with everything that I seek and everything that’s meant for me.

I marvel at scenic tourist spots and cultural experiences, but what makes every journey memorable is the connection I make with people and the wonderful stories they share with me.

If not for the Covid-19 pandemic, I would have been back in Hong Kong on May 25. Hong Kong is known for being a world-class center of business, culture, and trade. It is also dubbed the shopping paradise. A few of its top tourist attractions include Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Harbor and Ocean Park.

Among the places I’ve explored, Mui Wo and the Wisdom Path in Lantau Island are my places of serenity, where my soul longs to keep going back to.

Mui Wo is a rural town on the eastern coast of Lantau Island. In this lovely little island, I found Vibe, a cool book and old record shop. It sells new and pre-loved English, Chinese and foreign books, vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, record turntables, stationery, merchandise, and other cool stuff. It’s where I met May, with whom I had a soulful conversation. I left the bookshop a happier kid with a book signed with love by May.

Across Vibe is an artisan bakery, where anyone can enjoy a cup of brewed coffee, tea, and freshly- baked bread. The peppermint tea I had during my visit to the Village Bakery, the sound of the door chimes when my brother Dan entered the shop, that corner where I had a meaningful chat with him -- these instances make me miss Mui Wo more, too.


There are places where we can be more connected with ourselves. I found that kind of place when I took the Wisdom Path in the hills of Ngong Ping. I stayed there for a long while and marveled at how beautiful it is to be alive.

The greens, the calm, the sound of nature in harmony -- it was the right place to restore energy, raise frequency, and immerse myself in a higher vibration.

Our world is changing and during this pandemic, many of us are discouraged from living our purpose. In my case, remembering how traveling made me connect more with myself and appreciate even the beauty of the mundane gives me the courage to keep moving forward; and to live the life I love despite everything.

Hong Kong is definitely one of the countries I will visit again when this pandemic is over.