Plane hit by three lightning bolts as it attempts to land at Heathrow

Footage captured over the weekend shows a plane being struck by lightning just moments before landing at Heathrow.

Video shot in central London shows the plane attempting to land in stormy weather passing just over buildings near the river Thames.

As it slowly descends the aircraft is suddenly struck by what appears to be three lightning bolts.

An eyewitness, who saw the moment from their seventh floor flat in Wapping High Street, central London, said: "What a moment to get the camera out.

The plane appeared to be simultaneously struck by three bolts of lightning. (SWNS)

"When I watched it back I thought 'Oh my God it's hit the plane. Flipping heck'.

"It was such a large bolt it looks like it hit the floor. I just hope no one was hurt. It looked like it just missed St James' Church across in Bermondsey."

Heathrow is seeing an increase in traffic as several countries around the world ease their travel restrictions following the coronavirus lockdown.

This week, the airport’s chief executive John Holland-Kaye accepted the government’s imposition of a 14-day compulsory quarantine for travellers entering the UK.

A video showed the plane being struck by lightning just moments before landing. (SWNS)

But he urged Boris Johnson to devise a plan by the end of June to reopen borders and help the struggling airline industry.

"We are not challenging the quarantine if it is based on good health reasons, we are supporting everything the government is doing to keep this country safe,” he told Sky News.

He added: "I am not interested in looking back and challenging decisions that have been made, I want to look forward to see how we rebuild the economy in a better way as we come out of this crisis.

"And that means more constructive dialogue, more engaging with the government, not just fighting with one another."

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