Go Planet!: The 12 Best Go Green Ads

These days companies throw out all the stops to get you to buy anything and everything from a pair of underwear to an entire lifestyle, forcing us consumers to become more discerning lest we get suckered into maxing out our credit cards or wasting those birthday wishes asking for a magic mop or a handy chef. Advertising agencies have upped their game, taking advantage of all the media available just to show you just how badly you need to buy a mechanized egg cracker or a wearable dog house, but don’t worry, some agencies use their powers for good. And what greater good is there than going green? Here's our pick of the twelve best green advertisements that will make you laugh in some places and think in the rest.

1. Reese's VS Global Warming

You were mistaken in thinking that the companies selling you junk food that makes you fat and rots your teeth didn't care about the environment - the Earth is, after all, the only planet with chocolate.

2. WWF's Ocean Billboard

WWF California came up with this brilliant billboard to not just tell but to show people that global warming is very much real and affects all of us. The best part about it? The billboard doesn't use any electricity; the shadow cast by the awning is what causes the shadow to rise throughout the day. Mad props for creativity.

3. WWF For a Living Planet

There's nothing better than breath-taking art, except when it's for a cause. These ecosystems depicted as endangered animals aren't just aesthetically pleasing, but prove that our planet is indeed a living one and we need to do our part to care for it. If your conscience can handle another extinct species, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to come to terms with an extinct Earth. There's no better time to act than now.

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4. WWF on Deforestation

In a series of posters depicting animals out of their natural habitat and squatting in train stations and under bridges, the tagline "mindless deforestation wrecks homes" never rang truer. If such harsh relocation could happen to animals when they lose their homes in the wild, what will happen to us if we lose our home on this planet?

5. WWF's Forests for Life

A little more graphic than what we're used to, but it grabs our attention and gets the message across: forests are living things and need to be cared for accordingly. We need to stop the chopping.

6. Safe's Made to be Worn campaign


Animals are friends, not fur! Safe's posters showing a not-so-cuddly teddy bear, a fox with it's neck stripped off and an alligator with a boot cut out of it's underside are convincing enough to scare and guilt anyone out of wearing animal skin. They weren't made to be worn.

7. WWF's Fashion Victims

A mother leopard takes its cub out for a walk, and to some people the sight would be scary or heartwarming (depending on how far away you're standing), but to others all they see is a size tag. With the simple caption "Fashion claims more victims than you think," the WWF yet again forces us to think about whether we're using our power as consumers for good or evil.

8. WWF on Animal Souvenirs

The Philippines is teeming with beautiful places to visit and wonderfully diverse wildlife, so this WWF poster triggers a good "check yourself before you wreck yourself" moment. Keep the blood off your hands; don't buy exotic animal souvenirs.

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9. Greenpeace's Sunshine

Greenpeace isn't all about saving the planet - they've got a sense of humor about energy conservation too. You gotta love the Brits.

10 & 11. Planet Green

Ludacris and Tommy Lee, the ambassadors for Battleground Earth, try to one-up each other's eco-friendliness in this short promo for Planet Green that makes you laugh and reconsider just how far you'll go to save the planet.

Planet Green's on a roll with their witty commercials, and here's our pick for energy conservation. Now, we don't advocate nudism in any way, shape or form (unless you're home alone or at a nude beach in Europe, in which case, CARPE DIEM!), but she makes a pretty valid point if you think about it.

12. WWF: The World is Where We Live

Last but most definitely not the least is the WWF with a video promo called "The World is Where We Live," tying up all the eco messages quite nicely, simultaneously leaving you grounded and still hopeful for this little planet despite our destructive habits. And hey, it isn't our fault that the WWF is dominating this list- can we help it that they've got brilliant advertisers working for them?

You can be an eco-warrior too, and we hope that you are in your own little way every day, but here's some Jim Carrey to remind you not to take yourself too seriously. Remember, we can save the planet without "greenwashing" people to the extent that they get fed up hearing about it. The last thing we want is to desensitize people about such a pressing and vital issue. That said, happy conservation, everyone!

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