PLDT Enterprise launches Smart Bro 5G for businesses

·1 min read

PLDT, through PLDT Enterprise and Smart, unveils the Smart Bro 5G Plans for business—equipping more enterprises with the latest in technology, running on the country’s fastest mobile network.

Smart Bro plans under PLDT Enterprise are 5G ready, with Smart Bro Plans 1899 and Plan 3500 which include 90GB and 200GB respectively.

Jojo Gendrano, first vice president and head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions, emphasized how Smart Bro 5Gfor business plans “can unlock better efficiency and elevated ways of working for (our) customers, especially in the new normal hybrid and on-the-go work set ups, where most enterprises rely on strong internet connectivity.” 5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable internet connections than ever before. There will be three things needed for users to enjoy and experience Smart Bro 5G: a 5G-ready SIM, a Smart-certified 5G enabled device, and be in an area where the Smart 5G network is available. (PR)