PLDT has the widest coverage of Fibr in the country

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The same advanced Fiber technology used at international telephone corporations abroad is now available for your Home.  PLDT Fibr’s ultra fast speeds coupled with its ability to provide quality HD content is set to revolutionize every family’s online experience.

Since PLDT beefed up its suite of broadband services to include PLDT Fibr, it’s been green lit to speed up its coverage to more homes all over the country. Now in 70 villages in the capital, from Ayala Alabang to Forbes in Makati and Wack-Wack in Mandaluyong, Fibr is forecast to go further to a hundred by year end with exclusive villages in key cities nationwide.

This, confirmed by PLDT Vice President and head for broadband, Gary Dujali, in a comment regarding Fibr’s future in the Philippines:  “We expect fiber technology to be available in over a hundred subdivisions by the end of the year to provide our customers with the best and fastest way to connect to the Internet.” 

PLDT Fibr is presently available in exclusive villages and subdivisions at Plan 3500 with speeds of up to 8Mbps, Plan 5500 at 15Mbps, and Plan 20000 at a maximum speed of 100Mbps.  Being able to operate at a typical 8Mbps speed at the best of times, just imagine a whole new range of possibilities that a 100Mbps speed plan can do for your family. 

Whichever plan you end up with, expect to be treated to a Fibr broadband connection that will enhance your household’s typical activities.  Downloading HD quality movies with ease, video chatting with friends without interruptions, playing online games with no lag, and streaming videos without buffering are now activities guaranteed to be enjoyed simultaneously by the whole family with Fibr’s ultra fast connection.

The future of broadband is here!  Find out more at now or call 101-Fibr (3427) for more information.