Please take a look at Ariana Grande looking like a sexy alien in her latest photoshoot

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Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images
Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Earlier this month Ariana Grande announced that she was launching her own beauty brand: r.e.m beauty (her vendetta against capital letters continues) and now her very first campaign images have been released.

Ariana already has a successful line of perfumes (of which Hailey Bieber is a fan), so it makes sense for her to spread her beauty wings even further.

We all know Ariana has a slightly quirky aesthetic, but even we were taken aback at how otherworldly she looks in these pictures.

If aliens exist and they look like this, we're all going to die.

Wearing what looks like very chic, yet completely impractical helmet made of glass and crystals, Ariana looks like she's already bought her one way ticket to Mars from Elon Musk.

Her futuristic look was brought to life even more by makeup artist Ash Holm who complimented the reflection of said space helmet with some seriously Y2K inspired eyeshadows.

If this look is anything to go by we expect r.e.m beauty to be full of mauve shadows, false lashes and the ultimate everyday pink gloss.

Where do we sign up?

The image was posted on the main r.e.m beauty Instagram account with the caption, "loading ch.1".

Seeing as Ariana already announced the brand was launching "this fall" and we're now officially in Autumn, we're expecting a drop any day now.

Although, we gotta keep those thoughts and prayers up for a UK release because we do not want a repeat of Rare Beauty.

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