PNP-SOSIA: Greenhills hostage taker has a license

Aileen Cerrudo
Policemen tackle the hostage-taker to the ground, leading to the successful conclusion of the hostage drama at Greenhills mall.

The Philippine National Police-Supervisory Office on Security and Investigation Agencies (PNP-SOSIA) on Tuesday (March 3) clarified that the Greenhills hostage-taker still has a license as a security guard.

PNP-SOSIA chief Police Brigadier General Michael Dubria said Alchie Paray still has a license to perform as a security guard. Paray held hostage at least 30 individuals at a mall in San Juan City on Monday (March 2).

“He is in possession of a license to exercise security profession that will expire on 2021,” Dubria told the media following reports that Paray had no license from PNP-SOSIA.

“I was given the wrong name that’s why I answered that the security guard was not in possession of a license. I stand corrected now,” he added.

Dubria also said the gun used by Paray has no serial number.

Meanwhile, Dubria said they will also investigate the security firm that Paray is affiliated with.

“They have a license to operate. They employ licensed security guards. I think for the administrative matter, at first glance, [they have no] liability. But, that did not prevent me from ordering an inspection for all the post of all the private security agency such as the SASCOR,” he said.

If proven to be liable, Dubria said the security firm can face monetary penalty ranging from P10,000 to P30,000 plus recommendation for their cancellation and revocation of license.—AAC (with reports from Lea Ylagan)

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