PNP urges dismissal of cops involved in the Carl Angelo Arnaiz slay case

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police Internal Affairs (PNP-IAS) recommended to PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa the removal from service of two policemen involved in the killing of teenager Carl Angelo Arnaiz, while the PCP 2 or the precinct commander of Caloocan City will face one rank demotion for his command responsibility.

According to Internal Affairs Service Inspector General Atty. Alfegar Triambulo, Carl Angelo Arnaiz was deliberately killed based on their investigation.

“The entry of the bullet and the position of the victim, shows that he was intentionally killed,” Triambulo said.

He added that they are not convinced with the alibi of the cops that what they did was a legitimate police operation.

Triambulo explained this is because the statement of taxi driver, Tomas Bagcal, is strong. Bagcal alleged that he was robbed by Carl.

“The statement was direct. And there is no motive on the part of the witness to falsify or concoct the story regarding the alleged robbery, his bringing of the victim to the precinct, and the bringing of the victim to the scene of the crime,” Triambulo said.

“He was there. And the shooting he witnessed matched the entry of the bullet and the position of the victim. This is also according to what has been said by the medico-legal officer from Public Attorney’s Office who conducted the autopsy of the cadaver of the victim,” he added.

With this, PO1 Ricky Arquilita and PO1 Jeffrey Perez are now facing cases of grave misconduct and conduct unbecoming of a police officer. This would lead to their dismissal from service.

“Dismissed from the service and their Precinct Commander PC/Insp. Fortunato Ecle Jr is recommended to be sanctioned with one rank demotion. This will have a huge impact on his career,” Triambulo said.

Carl was found dead last August 18 in Caloocan city.

For now, the recommendation of the Internal Affairs Service awaits the signature of the PNP chief. – Abi Santa Ines | UNTV News & Rescue

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