Pokwang slams netizens for questioning her good deeds

Heidi Hsia

20 Mar – Pokwang recently blasted some netizens who criticised her effort to help those who are deeply affected by the lockdown imposed by the government following the spread of COVID-19.

As reported on Push, the issue sparked recently when several netizens accused the comedienne of seeking attention when she posted photos of relief goods that she gave to her local barangay to be donated to those who do not have enough supply at home.

Saying that it was the case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't", Pokwang stated that these people have a problem and should just shut up and pray.

"That's all you can do to help our people," she said, adding that this is not the right time for others to judge what people do.

In another video showing people helping out in distributing the goods, she wrote, "This is the right time to use social media correctly. Encourage and spread good vibes instead of bashing."

(Photo Source: Pokwang Instagram)