‘Police asset’ in Mabolo survives shooting by suspected pusher

A CIVILIAN who works as an informant for the Mabolo Police Station’s drug enforcement unit survived a gun attack near a mall in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City on Friday night, March 6, 2020.

The wounded was identified as Anthony Solis. Solis was rushed to the Cebu City Medical Center for treatment. He was declared out of danger.

Investigation showed that Solis was walking when he was attacked by the suspect, who fled immediately after the incident.

Solis identified the gunman as Jaime Regana.

Solis believed that Regana, an alleged drug pusher, tried to kill him as an act of revenge. Solis was the one who divulged the suspect’s illegal activity to the police.

Mabolo Police Station operatives had arrested Regana in a drug bust. Regana might have availed himself of the plea bargaining agreement, admitting guilt for a lesser prison time, which would explain why he was out of jail, according to Chief Master Sgt. Allan Vallejo.

Regana will be facing a complaint of frustrated murder before the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office. (BBT / KAL)