Police Dramatically Pop Beer Cans From Illegal Haul in Western Australia

Eager to show-off the latest crackdown on illegal alcohol sales, a Western Australia Police unit used a police vehicle to destroy around 30 cans of beer.

“30 bush chooks seized from a Liquor Restricted Premises – owner will have some explaining to do when she fronts court,” Karratha Police said on Twitter.

‘Bush chook’ refers to the Emu beer brand featured in the footage. An hour after posting the video, Karratha Police tweeted that they had cleaned up the mess.

Karratha Police aren’t the only Western Australian police to pull off such a dramatic execution. In October, the Fitzroy Crossing Police destroyed an estimated $2000 worth of illegal alcohol, crushing hundreds of beer cans and ramming into a tower of cases.

Karratha Police seized the alcohol from a venue without a liquor licence, an offence referred to as sly grogging. Credit: Karratha Police via Storyful