Police Inspector in India Patrols the Streets in Coronavirus-Themed Helmet

A police inspector in Chennai, India, was spotted on March 28 wearing a helmet designed to look like the coronavirus to encourage people to maintain social distancing and stay home.

Journalist Pramod Madhav recorded this video on March 28, and posted it to Twitter with the hashtag #Corona cop. Madhav told Storyful Police Inspector Rajeesh Babu from Tamilnadu Police Force wears the helmet to create awareness about the severity of COVID-19.

In the original upload, Madhav said the police Inspector “stops #lockdown violators and advises them on why they need to stay home.” Madhav also praised the inspector for going the extra mile while performing his duty.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi placed the entire country, with a population of 1.3 billion people, into lockdown last week. As of April 1, India reported 1,466 confirmed cases of the coronavirus resulting in 38 deaths, according to government numbers. Credit: Pramod Madhav via Storyful