Police nab over 8,000 Cebu City curfew violators in 3 months

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A TOTAL of 8,331 individuals were caught by the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) during its implementation of Oplan Bulabog, a police operation that goes after curfew violators, from April to June this year.

The CCPO noted that the number of curfew violators this year is higher compared to last year when stricter quarantine protocols were enforced. However, the police did not provide the 2020 figures to back up their claims.

Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Devaras, CCPO deputy city director for administration, attributed the increase of curfew violators to the opening of restaurants and bars serving liquor. Many of the violators arrested came from these establishments, he said.

Devaras said many Cebuanos forgot that the curfew in Cebu City starts at 11 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m.

He urged the public to stay at home before the curfew starts. During curfew, the police patrol the city and apprehend curfew violators.

Devaras also asked establishments to manage their facilities properly so that their customers could go home before the curfew.

From April to June this year, CCPO had inspected 10,622 establishments and apprehended 9,415 adults and 1,748 minors for violating health protocols. They also apprehended nearly 3,000 individuals leaving their homes without masks. (AYB)

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