Police Find No Sign of Missing Child After Highway Dashcam Footage Sparks Search

Police in Campbelltown, New South Wales, said they found no evidence of a missing child following a report of “what looked to be a child” on a darkened Hume Highway on April 18.

A New South Wales Police spokesperson told Storyful officers attached to Campbelltown Police Area Command received a call on the date, reporting “a child standing on the Hume Highway near Bardia.”

The report was kickstarted by a call from the mother of motorist Mitchell Kuhne, who, according to dashcam footage from his vehicle, was traveling at 95 km/h when he and his mother spotted what looked like a solitary figure near the side of the road.

“Multiple cars attended and commenced a search of the area; however, no child was located and the search concluded,” police said. “There have been no reports of a missing child in the area at this time.”

A second search was conducted on April 20 and again found nothing, according to the spokesperson.

According to the Herald Sun, Kuhne did not stop at the time as the vehicle was towing a toy hauler and he believed it would have caused an accident.

He said his mother, who was sitting in the passenger seat, immediately called authorities. An April 19 Facebook post by Kuhne said he later called a local police station to see where he could send the dashcam footage “to help them so they know what it is we saw and could pin point [sic] the location.”

The post added that he “was told on the phone” by an officer that there was “no need to send it as the child had been collected safely and was on its way home.”

However, a Daily Mail report from April 19 featured confirmation from police that “they did not find a child, and did not tell Mr Kuhne they had, either.”

Kuhne’s Facebook post adds, “to see that they are claiming I was never told this makes me sick as I have the exact time and station I called on record.” Credit: Mitchell Kuhne via Storyful