Police obtain names of Lapu-Lapu kidnap ‘masterminds’

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THE Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) Visayas Field Unit has already obtained several names of persons believed to be the masterminds in the kidnapping of a 70-year-old Chinese businessmen in Lapu-Lapu City.

Lieutenant Zosimo Ravanes, deputy chief of AKG-Central Visayas of the Philippine National Police, said they got the names based on communication they retrieved from the cellular phones of the four Chinese kidnappers who were killed in an armed encounter last Monday, May 30.

They, however, are still checking whether these persons are still based in the Philippines, Ravanes added.

Ravanes said they are already working with Chinese Consul in Cebu and the Chinese Embassy to conduct a background check on the names.

“Naa man tay ni pop up nga mga ngan base sa ilang mga communication...pero wala pa ni sila nato ma locate kung asa ni sila naka base so far (We got names based on their communication, but we don’t know yet where these people are based),” said Ravanes.

He said they also received information from the International Police (Interpol) about the group, but they could not disclose the details to the public yet pending their investigation.

Ravanes said that some personnel of AKG from Manila will be arriving in Cebu in the next few days to help in the investigation, as the kidnapping in Lapu-Lapu might have links to the kidnapping incidents in Metro Manila involving Chinese nationals.

“Duna tay mga personnel sa AKG nga moabot karong pipila ka adlaw magdala didto sa mga records, then ato ning i-investigate thoroughly, atong estoryahon kining biktima, katong previous nga biktima ron, atong ipakita sa ilaha kining atong rogues kung posibli ba nga nakit-an nila during their captivity,” he said.

(Some AKG personnel from Manila will arrive in Cebu and we will investigate this thoroughly. We will talk to the victims and we will show them our rogues to see whether they’ve seen the suspects during their captivity.)

Police said that Gong Jinming, one of the four Chinese nationals who were killed Monday evening, May 30, during a rescue operation in a subdivision in Lapu-Lapu City, worked for the kidnap victim, 70-year-old Chinese national Lyu Xingou.

Xingou has been financing several building projects in Mactan Newtown.

Ravanes said Gong might be the one who led the kidnap-for-ransom group to the victim’s house.

Gong was also the person of interest in the death of another Chinese national who fell off the building in Mactan Newtown as they were drinking together in a room before the incident.

Gong’s dead cohorts -- You Yiping, Li Fengqiang and Lin Heng -- had been reportedly frequenting Cebu every month to play games in casino and other online gambling activities.

Police believe that the suspects’ gambling activities had pushed them to kidnap the Chinese businessmen.

Ravanes believes the suspects may have had links with those involved in the abduction of another Chinese national last May 7 in Barangay Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City since their targets were both investors of Mactan Newtown.

In the May 7 operation, two Chinese nationals were arrested while their victim was rescued. Ravanes said the suspects came from Manila.

Ravanes also admitted that the Chinese Consul in Cebu was worried over the series of kidnappings, the reason it has been monitoring the investigation on the case. (AYB/TPT/LMY)

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