Police set to file murder charges against frat leader’s killers

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THE Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) will be filing a murder complaint against the persons behind the killing of fraternity leader Richard Buscaino.

Lt. Col. Wilbert Parilla, CCPO deputy director for operation, said they have identified the gunman who shot Buscaino while he was driving his vehicle along Tres de Abril St. in Barangay Labangon on Oct. 8, 2021.

Parilla refused to divulge the gunman’s name as they still have to lodge the complaint before the prosecutor’s office.

Two witnesses identified the gunman and they were scheduled to affix their signatures on their affidavits, said Parilla.

The gunman had a companion who served as driver of the getaway vehicle, a motorcycle.

Parilla said the gunman had been involved in past shooting incidents in Cebu.

Security camera footage supports the witnesses’ accounts, but Parilla did not give more details to reporters.

The Special Investigation Task Group which was formed to solve the murder ruled out fraternity conflict and politics as the motives for Buscaino’s murder.

Buscaino was president of Alpha Kappa Rho (Akrho) Central Visayas. He was also a former councilor of Barangay Calamba.

As to the question about the mastermind, Parilla said they could get the answer after arresting the gunman and driver.

Parilla said they will possibly file the complaints after the return of Buscaino’s family from Manila where the fraternity leader was buried. (AYB / KAL)

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