Police sniffer dog helps man find wedding ring he threw out after row with wife

Odin and his handler PC Carl Woodall (Picture: SWNS)

A police dog helped a man find his wedding ring after he threw it away following a row with his wife.

Odin, a six-year-old German Shepherd, may have saved the “hugely embarrassed” man’s marriage when he located the gold band in Harbourne, Birmingham, at 2am on Saturday.

It took the West Midlands Police sniffer dog just a few seconds to find the ring even though it was dark and the band had been thrown into the tall grass.

Odin’s handler PC Carl Woodall had realised something was wrong when he spotted two men on the side of the road searching for something with a torch.

When he stopped to ask them what they were looking for one of the men confessed he’d thrown the ring away in a fit of rage after an argument with his other half.

Odin, a six-year-old German Shepherd, may have saved the man's marriage when he found his ring (Picture: SWNS)
The man threw the wedding away in a fit of rage (Picture: SWNS)

PC Woodall said: ‘Apparently the man pulled the ring off and threw it in a momentary loss of temper but very quickly regretted his actions and was desperate to find it.

‘Our dogs are trained to sniff out human scent.

‘The men said they’d been looking for quite some time and the ring was quite small, so I wasn’t confident there’d be enough scent for Odin.


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‘But he proved me wrong and indicated by the ring in a matter of seconds.

‘It was in grass a couple of inches long. And of course it was pitch black. They could have spent all night and still not found it.

PC Woodall has been handling police dogs for nearly 20 years and has been partnered with six dogs so far, including Odin and his Springer Spaniel drugs sniffer dog Dibley.