Police to tap community in Covid-19 contact tracing

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THE Regional Police Office (PRO) in Central Visayas is expanding the contact tracing team tapping residents in the communities who are familiar with the in and outs of the locality.

These residents will help the government track down who among the members of the community have shown symptoms of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19)

PRO 7 Director Brig. Gen. Albert Ignatius Ferro said people familiar with the movement in their community will be of great help in tracking individuals who are possible carriers of the virus.

Ferro explained that Covid-19 is not just the responsibility of the government, the police, the military, and the health officials but also the general public.

He said the public's cooperation is badly needed in the fight against Covid-19 for without it Cebu City will just be like other places in the world where cases rise exponentially.

“This health emergency crisis is not only the job or responsibility of the police, the military, the health workers, or the local government. This is the responsibility of every single Sugboanon, Boholanons, Ilongo, Ilocano, Bisaya, the Filipino citizens. They should all be responsible to face this because it is a shared responsibility man gud so we need to help each other,” Ferro added.

Ferro intends to expand the contact tracing capability since this has been an effective way of containing Covid-19 infections, the same strategy Baguio City implemented.

The PRO 7 director is now directing the entire police force in Central Visayas to help in the contact tracing of individuals exposed to Covid-19 positive patients.

PRO 7 has a total force of 10,000 men. He said even if policemen are in their homes they can still trace people online.

At the moment, Cebu City's contact tracers have been divided into five clusters. (AYB/MVG)