Police waiting for DNA test result on murdered girl in Bogo

PERSONNEL of the Bogo City Police Station are just waiting for the DNA test result on the bloodied pillow that was taken from the persons who may have involvement in the killing of Jaenelle Maekylla Royos in Bogo City, northern Cebu.

Lt. Col. Florendo Fajardo, Bogo City police chief, said they would file a case against the persons of interest if the result of the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) test matches with the swab sample taken from the victim.

The DNA test result is expected to come out in 45 days, while the result of an autopsy on the body of the victim that was conducted by the Scene of the Crime Operation (Soco) personnel will be released after 10 days.

Royos’ naked body was found in the bushes in Purok Magenta, Barangay Gairan in the same city around 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13, 2022.

The 15-year-old female student of the Northern Cebu Colleges Inc. in Bogo City was reported missing by her family on Saturday after she failed to come home from a birthday party in the neighboring town of Medellin.

Royos had stab wounds in her legs and arms, as well as in both sides of her neck, suggesting that she tried to resist her attackers.

Fajardo believes the crime was committed by more than two persons as shown on the security camera footage.

He refused, however, to give further comments pending the completion of the investigation.

The police official added that the victim might have been brought to a room of the suspects where the crime was committed. The culprits, after murdering the girl, threw her body in the bushes in Purok Magenta.

A trisikad driver who heard the victim calling her mother while asking for help at dawn Saturday, Nov. 12, was summoned by the police for an interview.

The National Bureau of Investigation-Central Visayas also assisted the Bogo police in the investigation.

The bureau took another CCTV footage in the area that clearly shows the persons believed to be responsible for the crime.

Fajardo had summoned two persons of interest—a man and a woman who may have knowledge of Royos’ death.

The police have obtained a pillow with blood on it from one of the suspects.

The pillow was submitted to the Regional Forensic Unit 7 of the Philippine National Police for a DNA examination.

The second person of interest turned out to be making alibis when asked where she was when Royos went missing. (AYB / TPT)