Poor Prince George was pushed down a hill

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From Cosmopolitan

Queen Elizabeth II's eldest great-grandchild, Savannah Phillips, confirmed her status as the most savage member of the royal family after pulling off another antic with her four-year-old cousin Prince George over the weekend. The young royal stole the show at Trooping the Colour when she shushed her younger cousin, but her mischievous behaviour didn't stop there.

On Sunday, Kate Middleton, son Prince George, 4, and daughter Princess Charlotte, 3, attended the Maserati Charity Polo Trophy to watch Prince William play. During the event, the kids - along with their royal cousins Savannah and Isla Phillips - were seen playing in the grass and enjoying their time outside.

However, one video shows Savannah, 7, pushing cousin Prince George down a grassy hill, seemingly unhappy that he decided to sit next to her.

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Savannah is the daughter of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly, and the great-granddaughter of the Queen and Prince Philip.

It looks like mum Kate didn't notice the incident, and that little George recovered quickly. Later on in the day, Kate was seen comforting her son on the sidelines, but the events seem unrelated.

There were no hard feelings, as George and Charlotte spent the rest of the day playing nicely with their cousins.

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Last week, Savannah's silly side was on full display at Trooping the Colour, where she was caught making silly faces, pretending to conduct the music, and even covering Prince George's mouth.

The images of Savannah covering George's mouth went viral not just because of their silly nature, but because of the crazy similarities to an image of Prince Harry and cousin Beatrice taken almost 30 years ago on the same balcony.

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