Porsche recalls Taycan to address potential issue with hazard lights

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Porsche is recalling what appears to be every Taycan sold in the United States so far to address an issue with the automatic emergency braking software that can cause the hazard lights to illuminate when they shouldn't.

The total number of units subject to the campaign is 11,287, which appears to be every example the U.S. has seen so far. The issue appears to be one of calibration rather than an outright defect, as Porsche's description indicates that the system works, just perhaps a bit too well, prompting the hazard lights to come on prematurely.

"Porsche gained knowledge that the subject vehicles are programmed with pre-collision automatic hazard warning lamp activation logic that may exceed the automatic activation functionality permitted by FMVSS No. 108," Porsche's defect notification says. "This feature is permitted in other markets."

"The systems works as designed," it said, however, "[a]n activation of hazard warning lights in non-emergency situations could confuse other road users, which might increase the risk of a crash."

Whether the safety system itself ultimately functions properly or not, the unexpected activation of the hazards is out-of-spec per federal motor vehicle safety standards, meaning Porsche has no choice but to fix the software. Whether Porsche will simply eliminate the feature entirely or decrease its activation sensitivity was not immediately clear from its filing.

Porsche told dealers to expect a remedy to be in place by December; Autoblog has reached out for further clarification of the details.

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