Porsche Working On App-Based Anti-Theft System for Classic Models

Patrick Everett Tadeo

Porsche is reportedly developing an app-based anti-theft system for its classic models, giving classic Porsche owners some peace of mind by taking advantage of the same anti-theft protection system it uses for its new vehicles.

Known as the “Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System,” it is an autonomous sensor package that’s integrated at concealed points on the vehicle and communicates with a security network that, for now though, only covers the whole European continent. According to the German carmaker, the system is suitable for all classic Porsche vehicles from the Porsche 356 to the Porsche Carrera GT.

“In (the) future, the new Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System will allow us to offer our customers anti-theft functionality that will trigger an alarm if someone tries to steal the vehicle. In an ideal scenario, this intervention will stop the vehicle from disappearing right from the outset,” said Porsche Classic Head Alexander Fabig.

According to Porsche, if the battery is disconnected on a vehicle that is being monitored, or if the vehicle is stolen, the associated free app sends an alarm alert to the international security center and to the customer. If the owner confirms unauthorized access when prompted, the relevant authorities are then informed. Using the system’s integrated GPS sensor, the security center can identify the current location or driving route of the classic vehicle and provides immediate support to local responders in the search for the vehicle. There is also the option to use a wireless command to prevent the engine from being restarted. The security center for the country in which the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System was purchased maintains contact with the customer throughout the investigation. This arrangement is designed to prevent any language-related communication difficulties during a stay abroad. 

The associated app also offers other additional functions depending on the country version: For example, the location of the classic vehicle can be conveniently pinpointed by smartphone at any time and stored route information can also be accessed. If the customer lends the classic vehicle to someone else like a friend or a family member, the “geofence” functionality can be used to define boundaries that the vehicle is not allowed to cross. If these boundaries are crossed, the app raises the alarm. A similar function is available for controlling the speed of the vehicle. The app also has a “Workshop” mode that is designed for service appointments and deactivates the alarm when the battery is removed within a specified time period while the “Transport” mode can be used if the vehicle needs to be transported on its own trailer to ensure that the system does not send an alarm alert.

For now, a range of installation options for each model are being defined during the product development process. Once it’s available for the market though, the installation of the tracking system and the completion of the related service agreement are arranged exclusively by the Porsche Classic Partner or the relevant Porsche Center.

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