'Positio' of Camomot approved

THE Congregation of the Causes of Saints approved, on June 17, 2020, the "positio" or the dissertation on life and works of the late Archbishop Teofilo Camomot.

Rev. Fr. Mhar Balili, Vice Postulator of the process of Canonization of Camomot, confirmed this in an interview with SunStar Cebu, Sunday, afternoon, June 28.

The positio, he said, is like a thesis that proves that the candidate lived a life of heroic virtues.

The Roman Catholic Church first announced the completion of Camomot's positio on the commemoration of his 106th birthday last March 3.

Balili said the next process would be the presentation of the positio to the panel of theologians and then to the cardinals for further examination.

Once they approve, the Holy Father gives the title "Venerable." The title 'Venerable' is a prerequisite for the title 'Blessed.'

Once Camomot is recognized as “Venerable” by the Church, a genuine miracle will be needed as a next step towards beatification, Balili said.

To declare him a saint, campaigners for Camomot’s cause would have to show proof of a second miracle that can be attributed to Camomot.

"Naay mga reports among gi-investigate kay naa man gud siyay mga criteria," he said.

"Number 1, ang iyang case really is a matter of life and death. Number 2, kung naayo siya nga dili ma-explain sa science or doctors," he added. (WBS)