Positive Outlook

MANILA, Philippines - Most businessmen believe that the Philippine economy will grow better this year than the 3.7 percent Gross Domestic Product recorded last year.

Positive business outlook , if sustained, will prove good for us all.


The Makati Business Club (MBC) says that 79.6 percent of senior business executives surveyed believe that the economy will perform better this year.

Let positive thinking breeds positive results - in terms of incomes, jobs, and taxes.


"Despite the positive tone, there is still a need for a watchful eye in light of the developments in the EU and the Middle East as we live in a volatile world," advises MBC Chairman Ramon R. Del Rosario Jr..

Let prudence and strategic planning take care of volatility.


Meanwhile, the series of heinous crimes in the country has prompted leaders of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to call on Malacañang to address the problem immediately.

Take the bull by the horns, prelates plead.


"I call on the anti-crime czar of PNoy and this government to open their eyes to what has been happening. I hope they address this problem," says former Jaro (Iloilo) Archbishop Lagdameo.

Open eyes wider. Check criminals better.


The national government should be more abreast with the actual ground situation as to the series of crimes such as the rape and murder of a young girl in Manila to the shooting of a Malacañang reporter in Pasig City, Lagdameo adds.

From gory to gloomy... Whew!


Vice President Jejomar C. Binay also deplores the "rise in criminality" in the country citing the case of the seven-year-old girl who was raped and then slain by two alleged gang members.

What's happening in our country? VPNay wonders.


"This offense against a child is deplorable, and our authorities should step up the campaign against criminality in our country," Binay says, adding that the rise in criminality is also a symptom of the decline in moral values and social responsibility.

Men in uniform, take the challenge. Time to act!


"All sectors of our society should be involved in a nationwide movement that seeks to bring back discipline, love of country and social and spiritual values," the Vice President adds.

Let's all be vigilant against crimes!


Malacañang assures that there will be no whitewash in the investigation on the shooting of Malacañang reporter Fernan Angeles and instructs the PNP to speeedily act on other recent crimes in various parts of the country.

Yes to "war" vs crimes!Yes to a better economy!