My family is globally separated --- my husband Jun works at the UAE, our son LM is Qatar-based, while I am here in Manila. Quite understandably, time management plays an essential part in our vacation times. We exert extra effort for the precious moments when we are together. My family travels internationally regularly for that much needed respite. I have practically memorized the Tourism Slogans of the countries we have visited. But motivated by our very own "It's More Fun In The Philippines" campaign, we opted to find out why Boracay has been voted as the world's Number One Resort.

Getting There

The island of Boracay is located in the Visayas. Just an hour's plane ride from Manila, going there won't really be a problem since there are daily flights to Caticlan and pump boats leave every 10 minutes to bring guests to the island.

Boracay Regency Hotel

As frequent travelers, my family has learned the value of choosing a good hotel. Because a good hotel is like a refuge from the stressful city life! We were billeted at the Boracay Regency Hotel, Boracay's five-star hotel, and got so impressed by its amenities, service, and courteous staff. The most memorable part of our Regency stay was waking up to a refreshing and invigorating view every morning. And Regency's swimming pool is literally just a few steps away from our bed!

Helmet Diving

Boracay is famous for its varied water activities. Ms. Rhea Mones, Regency Hotel's Public Relations Officer, graciously assisted us in choosing the White Blue Diving Service Inc. My husband Jun, sister Naida and mom-in-law Ana were escorted to the dive site. We climbed down a ladder until the water was at shoulder height. Once in position, a helmet that had a transparent glass plate was placed on our heads. Yeah! Helmet Diving is pretty safe and easy alternative for non-pros who won't really go diving into deeper Boracay waters. It was reef walking as we fed the marvelous school of fish around us! (I asked our diving instructor if only the small fishes will come near us and not the big ones. I just trusted his thumb up sign.) I am now thinking of a possible underwater wedding because of this amazing water activity.

Exploring the Island

Going around Boracay can be leisurely done on foot. So kick off your flip-flops and take the soothing walk along the shores. So much fun, food, and water activities are offered.

Henna Tattoos

Tattoos that come off in just a few weeks? Depending on size and design, just about everyone on the island is doing it.

Hair Braids.

Make the most of your crowning glory! Hair stylists line up the seashore and are ready to create your style.

Massage Massage

Cap your day with relaxing Hand, Foot and Body signature massages at the beach front as the waves seem to invite for the next day's fun.

Boracay is NEVER boring!

On our second day, we were awakened by the news that Metro Manila and nearby cities were flooded, suspending classes and offices. And while typhoon Gener continued dumping heavy rains and hurling devastating winds over Luzon and some parts of the Visayas, in an island as gorgeous as Boracay, summer might just be a year-long event. Though affected by the habagat (south west monsoon), tourists, foreign and locals, frolicked, swam, sailed, surfed; sang and danced amid rains and giant waves. It was indeed a very rainy day celebration of our wedding anniversary and my mom-in-law's birthday. The fun never ends in this jewel of the sea. With everything it has to offer, there's no denying the fact that the island is really the top tourist destination in the world. Koreans comprise the biggest population of tourists in Boracay according to Regency's Rhea Mones

You be the judge!

Based on what I've seen, done, and felt, tourists will come to Boracay without expensive advertising, Visitors feel safe, people are courteous, the resorts and beaches are clean. The main attractions are the sun. the sand and the Filipinos' Boracay hospitality.