11 products worth every penny during pregnancy

Alison Coldridge
Editor Yahoo Style UK
There are thousands of pregnancy products available: These are the ones I actually found useful. (Getty Images)

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Pregnancy is a crazy, complex journey. It’s different for every woman, every day. As well as getting your head around the fact that you’ll soon be charged with caring for a teeny tiny human 24/7, you also have to cope with all of the weird and wonderful side effects and changes to your body.

Sleep struggles (worrying if I’m crushing my baby has kept me awake on numerous nights), temporary difficulties brushing my teeth (no one said morning sickness would last for over four months and include quite so much horrific queasiness), itchy and stretched stomach skin and panics over bath products are just some of the concerns I’ve had over the past seven-odd months.

Fortunately, these days there’s a product to help with many pregnancy niggles, from supportive pillows to nourishing belly oils and anti-chafe maternity shorts. But not all are worth the spend.

Below I’ve listed some of the products I found incredibly useful in the hope they might help you - or a pregnant woman you know.

The products I found most useful during every stage of pregnancy

Dreamgenii Maternity and Nursing Pillow | £44.99 at John Lewis

Dreamgenii Maternity and Nursing Pillow

This pillow saved my sanity, particularly in the final trimester when health experts advise pregnant women should lie on their left side at night. It’s ridiculously comfortable and helps ensure you sleep in the best position for you and your baby. The leg support elevates your legs, gently, taking pressure off your bath and stomach. It can also be used post-both as a feeding support pillow.

2 Pack Non-Wired Full Cup Seamfree Crop Tops | £14 at Marks & Spencer

M&S 2 Pack Non-Wired Full Cup Seamfree Crop Tops

These crop top bras, which have zero painful under-wiring, are ideal for sensitive boobs during pregnancy. They’re easy to wash and stretch a little as your cup size increases (it likely will), too. Plus, at £7 a bra you can’t really go wrong.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Mother’s Bath Oil | £15 for 100ml at John Lewis

Neal’s Yard Remedies Mother’s Bath Oil

A friend bought my this oil when I first announced my pregnancy - and I’ve used it a good few times a week since (I’ve had to replenish my supply as one bottle lasts roughly 20 baths). It’s ideal for pregnancy and beyond as is free from any nasties and beautifully nourishing. No wonder it’s a John Lewis bestseller.

Sea-Band Adult Wristband Natural Nausea Relief | £7.19 at Amazon

Sea Band acupressure bands

Those who struggle with travel sickness may recognise these clever wristbands. Featuring a plastic stud is attached to the inside of the wrist band, pressure is put on the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupressure point to relieve nausea. While the bands didn’t stop me feeling sick in the early stages of my pregnancy, they did seem to help reduce the number of times I was actually sick.

MAMA Jersey Leggings | £9.99 at H&M

MAMA Jersey Leggings

I’ve worn the two pairs of H&M maternity leggings I bought fairly early on in pregnancy non-stop: In bed, under dresses and as trousers (I’m working from home during lockdown, anything goes). They’re extremely comfortable, have supported my growing bump and wash easily. Plus, they’re cheap.

Hatch Mama Belly Oil | £58 for 195ml at Harvey Nichols

HATCH Mama Belly Oil

A new, 2020 launch from cult US maternity label Hatch, this belly oil offers a vegan alternative to the ever-popular stretch mark prevention product Bio Oil. It soaks into skin quickly, has a lovely, light fragrance (that won’t make you feel queasy if your morning sickness persists into the second trimester and beyond, when you should consider using a belly oil) and has done a good job at keeping my stretch marks at bay so far. Of course, no product can completely prevent stretch marks but this has soothed and nourished my stretched stomach skin beautifully.

Folic Acid + Vitamin D tablets | £3 for 60 tablets at Boots

Boots' Folic Acid + Vitamin D tablets

The NHS advises pregnant women take a folic acid tablet every day during the first three months of pregnancy (starting as soon as you realise you’re pregnant). This is to reduce the chance of problem’s in your baby’s development. The Department of Health and Social Care also advises you consider taking a vitamin D supplement between September and March. You can take both separately, or combined.

Dual Support Thigh Slimming Maternity Shorts | £14.99 at JoJo Maman Bebe

JoJo Maman Bebe Dual Support Thigh Slimming Maternity Shorts

I didn’t buy these shorts for thigh-slimming purposes but to solve one of pregnancy’s most common summer issues: thigh chafing. These breathable shorts create a barrier between the skin and help support the baby bump in one fell swoop. Perfect for wearing on balmy days under dresses and jumpsuits.

Kids Toothbrush 0-2 Years | £1 at Boots

Boots' Kids Toothbrush 0-2 Years

One thing I discovered while battling morning sickness is that brushing your teeth with an adult, electric toothbrush isn’t possible. Fortunately, there’s a solution that I discovered late one night after a frantic Mumsnet forum deep-dive: a toddler toothbrush. The smaller head and bristles make brushing your teeth while attempting not to throw up much easier.

Birkenstock Unisex Adults’ Arizona Birko-Flor Sandals | From £41.51 at Amazon

Birkenstock Unisex Adults’ Arizona Birko-Flor Sandals

Sandals are a necessity during the latter stages of pregnancy when you’re unable to bend down and tie your shoelaces or your feet are so swollen that your trainers simply don’t fit anymore. I’ve loved Birkenstock sandals for years now but fell even more deeply in love with them during pregnancy, due to their supportive sole and ability to work with literally any outfit.

Fizzy Strawberry Straws Sweets | 45p at Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's Fizzy Strawberry Straws Sweets

Every pregnant woman has different cravings and for me it was fizzy laces. I’m ashamed to admit I got through a pack a day, sometimes more, during months three and four of pregnancy - it was one of the only foods I could stomach. Absolute no idea why: I didn’t eat them pre-pregnancy and haven’t eaten them since but at the time they were a lifesaver.