Pregnant woman takes physician licensure exam while in labor

The next time you complain about taking a test, remember this strong woman.

Facebook user Eunice Stefanelle Sibuyan shared a now-viral post last night recalling how she powered through her labor pains just to finish the Physician’s Licensure Examination because it was her lifelong dream to become a doctor. She also shared photos of her one week-old baby boy.

Sibuyan found out a week before the exam that her cervix was already one to two centimeters dilated. She said she was anxious, but continued to review her study materials while lying down. But then a day before her exam last Monday, she experienced spotting and cramps — signs that her baby was on the way.

And then it happened.

At around 2am that Monday, her water broke. Sibuyan didn’t tell anyone because she knew they would rush her to the hospital.

“Monday morning came, mommy started to have labor pains when she had her 1st exam which is ObGyne,” she said in the post, talking as if she were her baby.

“[E]very contraction’s interval [is] between 15-30 mins. Mommy finished the 1st exam for an hour. When she left the room, she tried resting and [sleeping] while on break, constantly checking on my movements and heart tones.”

Sibuyan then took the second exam for 45 minutes. While on break, Sibuyan’s friends tried to convince her to notify the proctor that she was in labor but she said she wanted to take the last exam.

She finished the last exam in about 20 minutes with “regular contractions [happening] every 3 minutes.” She added that whenever the proctor would look at Sibuyan, she would smile and act normal.

“She submitted everything, finished first on (sic) the entire building, walked downstairs to see daddy’s waiting outside,” the post added.

Sibuyan couldn’t hold it in any longer and was rushed to the hospital of the testing site. When she arrived, the doctors learned that she was already fully dilated. She was rushed to the delivery room at 3:15pm and gave birth at 3:28pm.

After three days, Sibuyan found out that she passed the exam and was now a licensed physician.

Her baby boy was readmitted at the hospital due to neonatal sepsis but has recovered after receiving doses of antibiotics and calcium.

“Hats off to my doctor mom! I’m not a hindrance to my mommy’s success [but] rather a blessing from up above. Mommy said I’m a risk worth taking,” the post added.

The Facebook post had over 9,200 likes and 1,900 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens thought it was amazing.

Moja Josue II congratulated Sibuyan and said it was inspiring.

Photo: Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan/FB

Karen Pua said in Filipino: “You’re something else, Stef! No one’s going to beat your board exam story.”

Photo: Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan/FB

Sarah Jean Paltao – Gamboa said: “Your tolerance to pain is high. Congrats.”

Photo: Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan/FB

Cathy Bayang said: “Double blessings from above!”

Photo: Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan/FB

Donnalyn De Guzman said: “Congrats Eunice.. You’ve been through so much. [B]abies are really worth the pain and sacrifices.. [S]alute to your bravery.”

Photo: Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan/FB

Don Brnrdno said: “You’re so strong sis! Happy for you! See you soon.”

Photo: Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan/FB

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