Presidential spokesperson draws flak on social media for MRT ride

MANILA, Philippines – The social media was flooded with negative comments against Presidential Spokesperson Attorney Harry Roque.

This, after Roque’s MRT ride Thursday morning was featured live on the official Facebook page of the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson.

Many people said Roque’s action was an early show of campaign for the elections while some call Roque a ‘trapo’ or traditional politician, as they question his real intentions.

Like an ordinary passenger, Roque also tried to fall in line from MRT North Avenue Station and take his ride to Taft station in Pasay City, and then transferred to LRT.

During his train ride, he talked to the passengers and asked about their daily experiences taking the mass transport.

Roque’s train ride was supposedly like the other ordinary commuters but it appeared on social media that he was given a special treatment, with security guards were blocking some passengers to give way.

But Roque strongly denies such allegations, and insists that his ride experience was not scripted and no special treatment.

“Hindi po totoo yan, hindi alam ng DOTr kung nasaan ako at pinagalitan ko yung staff ko nung sinabi na nakipagkutchaba sila. Sabi ko, ‘That defeats the purpose kung kukuchaba tayo at magagalit yung mga mananakay,’ ” Roque said.

Based on his assessment, it is necessary to return the original number of operational trains to 20 to shorten the line of passengers and minimize inconveniences.

Meanwhile, Malacañang has rejected the request of Busan Universal Rails Incorporated (BURI) to have a dialogue with President Rodrigo Duterte.

“We have already cancelled the contract with BURI and the government decided to meanwhile take over the maintenance of MRT,” Roque said.

On Wednesday, Buri has made an appeal to President Duterte to give them a chance to explain their side and to let him know of the real status and the problems surrounding the operation of MRT 3. – Joan Nano | UNTV News & Rescue

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