Private firm offers to address ‘spaghetti wires’ in Cebu City

SPAGHETTI wires from telecommunications firms have become eyesores and serious threats to public health and safety in Cebu City.

However, a private firm has come up with an unsolicited proposal to address the problem by placing the wires underground.

Councilor Jerry Guardo, committee on infrastructure chairman, said a representative from Pivotal Adaptive Services, which is based in the United States, and Metroworks visited the office of Mayor Michael Rama the other week to express their intention to implement the project to help achieve the mayor’s Singapore-like vision for the city.

Guardo, who was present during the meeting, said Rama is interested since it will be implemented at no cost to the City Government.

Guardo, who is also the technical infrastructure committee chairman of the mayor’s office, said the private firm will formally submit the unsolicited proposal in the early part of 2023.

If the Joint Venture Selection Committee (JVSC) approves it, it will be published in the newspaper.

The JVSC will give the project its go-signal if there are no counter offers and the private firm can request the approval of the City Council. (PAC, PJB)