Private gatherings new market for home decor exports

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THE home decor sector is witnessing a healthy growth buoyed by the rising entertaining and dining market that need constant upgrade on decor pieces as it hosts various private occasions.

“This new market brings friends at home. You dine at home, you entertain at home, you spend money at home because there are no restrictions, allowing them to stay longer (at your home),” said Pete Delantar, owner of Natures Legacy Eximport Inc. an exporter of gifts, decors and house wares.

This new market, according to Delantar, constantly changes or upgrades home accessories whenever they host private gatherings.

“They buy new plates, new home accessories, new vase, new lamps, other furnishing items. This is our new market now,” said Delantar.

The Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in lockdowns and restrictions of gatherings compelled the affluent market to just stay indoors.

“They don’t mix with the crowd. So what they do they order online and have these items delivered to their homes,” he said. “And every party they host is different and they highlight these parties in their social media page.”

According to Delantar, this affluent market can afford because they are used to this lifestyle which they missed for a long time due to the pandemic so instead of going out they bring these parties at home.

Delantar said they are witnessing a healthy growth for this new market in the US, Europe, China and South Korea.

“We saw 30 percent growth of this new market in our business,” he said. “But this is a difficult market to penetrate because you must have the right product, style and proportion.”

Furniture thrives amid pandemic

Natures Legacy also exports furniture and furnishings and although this industry has been affected too by the pandemic, it remained thriving as people were confined to their homes.

Delantar said people paid more attention to improvements or renovations, especially in the local setting.

“It’s thriving because everybody is renovating,” said Delantar. He noticed that players like him are rushing into meeting their deadlines when the economy started opening up.

“Everybody wants to change. Who now has the new look? And people go there,” he said, citing for example the evident interior and exterior upgrades of some hospitality resorts in Boracay Island. “The hospitality industry wants to refurbish everything.”

Delantar said they used the pandemic to re-evaluate their products and think of new concepts to offer to the market. “When everybody went hiding, we continued marketing, reaching out to our clients.”

Postponed projects due to the pandemic are now back, making furniture exporters rush to beat deadlines.

“Players in the industry need to equip and get themselves ready for the rebound. Get your workers back and if you can’t get them back retrain your existing workers or hire new ones because the economy will go up and who knows if there would be another crisis. We need to grab this opportunities abounding now,” Delantar said.

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