PRO 7 celebrates Osmeña Day with former mayor

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THE Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO 7) joined in the commemoration of the 144th birth anniversary of former President Sergio Osmeña Sr., the “Grand Old Man of Cebu."

The whole province of Cebu and its component cities have been declared under special non-working holiday today, September 9, to pay tribute to Osmeña Sr.

Among the highlights of the program at the PRO 7 Friday was a wreath-laying ceremony headed by former Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña at the Camp Sergio Osmeña Sr. on Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City.

In his message, Osmeña admired his late grandfather as an intelligent person, as he ranked second in the 1903 bar exam and later became governor of Cebu the following year at the age of 26.

Osmeña Sr. also became a speaker of the House of Representatives at the age of 29, the youngest ever in the history of Congress during his time.

Don Sergio became the fourth president of the Republic of the Philippines at age 66 from 1944 to 1946.

“He graduated and placed second in the bar, fourth place was Manuel Quezon, then he became fiscal and was elected governor. The thing was that for the first time, the United States Government decided to let the Philippines, which was just a commonwealth, have its own governing body, so the first time the Philippines enjoyed national elections, and the elected members of what was known of the first Philippine assembly, better known today as the Philippine Congress,” Osmeña said.

The former mayor’s relationship with the Cebu City Police Office, then headed by Colonel Royina Garma, turned sour in 2018 after the foiled ambush attempt on Tejero village councilor Jessielou Cadungog that resulted in the death of Police Officer 3 Eugene Calumba.

Tomas, however, did not recall the incident in his message and instead narrated about his experience when he was tasked by the National Government to attend the funerals of soldiers and policemen who died in the service.

He witnessed the hardships of low-ranking policemen and soldiers who died in the war, while their families suffered for their loss.

Osmeña said that when a policeman and a soldier were killed in an encounter in Bohol with the members of Abu Sayaff, the city also provided financial assistance.

He also said that during his term as mayor, Cebu City Government gave P10 million to the families of soldiers and policemen who lost their lives during the war in Marawi.

But now, he could no longer hear about government leaders extending help to fallen soldiers and policemen.

"I’m so deeply ashamed to hear today that many of our leaders in the government only think about themselves and are so corrupt," Osmeña said.

PRO 7 Director Brigadier General Roque Eduardo Vega, for his part, thanked the former President of the country for his many achievements and encouraged his men to follow his example. (AYB, TPT)