Pro-Leni group claims LTFRB 7 refused to issue special permits for their volunteer vehicles; Montealto denies claim

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SUPPORTERS of presidential candidate Leni Robredo in Cebu claimed that officials of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in Central Visayas (LTFRB 7) refused to issue special permits for volunteer vehicles that will ferry those who will be attending the Ceboom Grand Rally in Mandaue City which will be held tonight, April 21, 2022.

In a separate interview, LTFRB 7 director Eduardo Montealto Jr. denied allegations that they refused to give special permits for volunteer vehicles for the Ceboom Grand Rally.

Montealto admitted that there was a public utility vehicle (PUV) operator who asked for a special permit to use 18 units of the 40 units currently contracted for Libreng Sakay to ferry the supporters of the Leni-Kiko tandem to and from the venue.

But Montealto clarified that PUVs contracted under the program cannot be used for such activity and should not stop from operating their routes and service plan.

Montealto further said that only those PUVs not included in the service contracting program can ask for special permits should they volunteer to ferry supporters to campaign rallies.

Pro-Robredo group Pink Cebu made the claim on its Facebook page on Thursday.

The group said that due to LTFRB 7's refusal to issue special permits for their volunteer vehicles, long lines are expected to occur at their designated pick-up points.

They, however, assured that despite the setback, they will continue to bring all those attending the rally. (MKG , JKV)

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