Probe team to apprehend quarantine violators 24/7

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THE public should expect 24/7 operations from the Cebu City Prevention, Restoration, Order, Beautification and Enhancement (Probe) team from August 1 to 15, 2021.

Despite the liberate implementation of modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) in Cebu City where movements and transportation are not affected, the Probe team has continued to apprehend individuals who violated quarantine protocols starting August 1.

Raquel Arce, Probe team chief, said they strictly implemented a stay-at-home policy to senior citizens ages 65 and above and minors even though Cebu City Acting Mayor Mike Rama did not issue an executive order for the guidelines of the quarantine status.

Arce said they divided the Cebu City Covid Action Team into two, for north and south.

Each team is composed of 14 personnel from the Cebu City Transportation Office, Cebu Environmental Sanitation and Enforcement Team, Cebu City Anti-Mendicancy Team, Task Force Kasaligan, Bantay Dagat, Philippine National Police and Probe team, Arce added.

There are also personnel who will monitor people inside markets to ensure minimum health standards are properly observed.

On Sunday's operation, Arce said most of the violators were senior citizens and minors. They were not arrested but advised to stay at home.

They apprehended around 10 individuals who violated the anti-smoking ordinance and for not wearing face masks.

Violators are directed to the Cogon Ramos Gym and should pay the P500 fine or render community service for five hours.

Arce urged the public, especially parents, to take responsibility for their children who are minors since they are also susceptible to the Covid-19 virus.

"I hope parents will take responsibility for their children since there are minors who were infected by the virus. Your family is your responsibility, do not pass it to the government," Arce said. (MVE)

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