IT professionals to convene virtually as Decode 2020 opens

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DECODE 2020, the premier cybersecurity conference in the country organized by Trend Micro Inc., officially opens on Nov. 10, Tuesday, marking the start of the three-day conference that will feature various global industry experts.

IT professionals and freelancers from across the country will be on learning mode in the next three days to learn from renowned experts in the industry on cybersecurity trends.

Martin Röesler, senior director of the Trend Micro Forward-Looking Threat Research team, is opening the virtual event through his keynote address on “The Game Changer—How the Pandemic is Changing Your World.”

Röesler's talk will be followed by that of Melissa Hathaway, president of Hathaway Global LLC and a leading expert in cyberspace policy and cybersecurity. She will present a discussion dubbed “Exposed: Attack Surfaces Widen as the World Increasingly Relies on Digital Infrastructures.”

During the afternoon session on the first day of the conference, Decode participants will be hearing a set of forums.

The first set includes presentations on: “Pitfalls of OSS in IoT” by Ricky Lawshae; “Kubernetes Security 101: Best Practices for Securing Your Cluster” by Magno Logan; and “Building and Running a Realistic Factory Honeypot” by Lord Remorin.

After every set of these talks, participants will engage in a networking break.

The second set of talks will be about “Edge Computing” by Philippe Z Lin / Roel Reyes; “Asking the Right Business Question - The Most Important Phase of the Data Science Process” by Isaac Reyes; and “On the Radar: Exploring the Current Threat Hunting Process” by Monte De Jesus.

Moreover, participants will also be learning from another round of knowledge-filled talks on “Insider Threat - The Enemy from Within” by Joseph Pacamarra; “A Look at USBee Malware” by Shin Li / Ta-Lun Yen; and “The Hidden Risks of Industrial Automation Programming and their “Repercussions for Smart Factories” by Federico Maggi.

The last set of presentations include “Cyberespionage: Targeted Attacks Abusing Third-Party Cloud Services” by Jaromir Horejsi; “Cyberattack Trends in the Cloud” by Joey Costoya; “Honeypots, Honeyports and Trollports” by JV Roig; and “How Threat Actors Move” by Jay Yaneza.

Decode 2020, which is taking place virtually for the first time, will run from Nov. 10 to 12 and is open to interested participants for free.

Over 3,000 participants are expected to attend the three-day virtual conference. Over 40 sessions are slated to take place in the next two days with keynote speeches and presentations about various latest global trends on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Protection and Privacy, Cybercrime and Incident Response, among others.

Decode aims to share to local technology professionals up-to-date information about cybersecurity and new technologies in order to empower them to secure the digital infrastructures of their organizations, as well as to inspire them to embark on a continuous learning journey.

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