Professor’s sentimental exam instructions wants students to think twice before cheating

The moral of the story: Never cheat.

Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology student Kathline Abias De Leon shared a now-viral photo on Facebook on Thursday that shows sentimental instructions her professor included in their exam sheet.

Get ready to have your heartstrings tugged.

The first instruction translates in English as: “Don’t look at your seatmate, you might end up having eye contact and fall in love… Eww, right?”

The second instruction says: “This is easier to answer than your cheating bf/gf’s question, ‘Do you still love me?'”

The third line says, “Do not cheat. You’ve already experienced how it feels to get cheated on, IT HURTS, RIGHT? All caps so you really feel it.”

The last instruction says: “Just relax. This is just an exam. You have better chances of passing this [exam] than being in your crush’s heart.”

Wow, well this has been horribly enlightening, thanks a lot, teach.

The first part of the exam was “True or False.” It says, “Write Love U if the statement is TRUE and write <THE NAME OF YOUR CRUSH> if the statement is FALSE.”

This professor feels like he’s prying into the students’ personal love lives, but we’re loving it.

“It’s true because you love someone, [but it’s false if it’s] for the wrong person. So cover your paper because your seatmate might find out who your crush is. Don’t worry, this is the final exam, your classmate won’t find out,” it ends.

That’ll certainly keep them from cheating.

De Leon’s post about the test was such a hit with netizens that it had over 3,000 likes and over 2,500 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens loved the professor’s idea:

Czarina Antero Boie wrote: “[This] [made] my day!”

Lira Jebulan added: “Hahahaha I want him to be my prof.”

Rey Mark Mondragon said if he’ll be seated next to his crush, he’ll show his paper so she knows.

Armay Villar Martinez said that there’ll be a lot of names when it’s false because she’s got a lot of crushes.

“I’ll just mark every answer true [instead of writing my crush’s name],” wrote Facebook user Jhasmin A Beloso.

Whoever this teacher is, good on you.

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