Proposed ordinance requires motorists to carry chalk, crayons for Talisay road incidents

A LAWMAKER in Talisay City, Cebu has proposed an ordinance requiring drivers to mark their own vehicles if they figure in a minor road traffic incident in the city.

The measure authored by City Councilor Ferdinand Rabaya is meant to solve traffic jams caused by minor vehicular collisions.

The legislation would not apply to major traffic incidents with loss of lives and injuries.

If Rabaya’s measures would be approved, the drivers would be required to pull out their vehicles off the road after the marking process. The motorists would also be required to carry chalk, crayons and other marking devices.

The drivers would also be required to take pictures of their vehicles in all angles, and in close-up and landscape shots. The markings should be included in the images.

Talisay City traffic office head Jonathan Tumulak said the City Council had heard the measure’s first reading.

A motorist who would fail to mark his vehicle during a minor collision would be issued citation ticket, said Tumulak. (FMD, KAL)