I.Protect: Lebron settles infringement case

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Clint Fabiosa & Ana Liza Villamor

clint.fabiosa@iprotect.ph and analiza.villamor@iprotect.ph

The copyright over a photograph belongs to the photographer or the one who took it. Yahoo Sports reports that in early 2020, Lebron James posted on Facebook a picture of himself dunking a basketball. The photograph was taken by Stephen Mitchell. However, Lebron did not obtain the consent of Mitchell and did not acknowledge him as the author of the photograph. Hence, Mitchell filed a copyright infringement suit against Lebron seeking US$150,000. Lebron filed a countersuit for $1 million claiming that Mitchell illegally used Lebron’s photographs on his website to promote Mitchell’s photo agency. After a year of litigation and after Lebron was asked to attend a settlement conference, the parties agreed to settle the case. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.