I.Protect: Pearl Jam vs. Pearl Jamm

·1 min read

By Clint Fabiosa & Ana Liza Villamor

CAMBRIDGE Dictionary defines a “tribute band” as “a group of musicians who play the music of a famous pop group and pretend to be that group.” NME.com reports that a “Pearl Jam” tribute band in the UK recently received a cease-and -desist letter from the Seattle band’s lawyers as the tribute band was using the name “Pearl Jamm.”

In a statement, “Pearl Jamm” said that since they do what they do out of love and respect for “Pearl Jam,” they have decided to change their band name to “Legal Jam,” under which they “will continue to perform the music of Pearl Jam in the most heartfelt and authentic way.”

The US Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark database shows six “Pearl Jam” trademark registrations for clothing, musical sound recording, stickers, posters and entertainment services.