Province expands scholarship slots to 200 every district

THE Cebu Provincial Government has expanded the coverage of its scholarship program for school year 2022-2023.

This after the Provincial Board passed an ordinance on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, allowing the increase in the allocation for scholars or grantees of the Cebu Province Grants Intended for Tertiary Students (CP-GIFTS) for each district in the province of Cebu.

“The purpose of this ordinance is to increase the allocation and augment its needed appropriation intended for tertiary students enrolled in public higher education institutions in the Province of Cebu,” read part of Ordinance 2022-05.

The ordinance also amended Ordinance 2020-10 that was passed on February 28, 2022 and which allocates 100 scholarship slots in every district of the province.

The newly amended ordinance has expanded the scholarship coverage to 200 slots in every district.

Qualified scholars may enroll in courses offered by state universities and colleges and local universities and colleges (LUCs) under the jurisdiction of the province, including highly urbanized cities and independent component cities, except for Law, Medicine, and other graduate courses.

Under the ordinance, up to P36 million in funding will be allocated by the province for the scholarship assistance.

If the scholars in one district do not reach 200, they will be divided among the other districts to complete the allocations. (ANV, TPT)