Public warned vs. suspicious holiday greetings on social media

A NON-PROFIT computer security incident response team has warned Filipino netizens against opening suspicious Christmas and New Year greetings on social media messaging platforms.

In a threat advisory Monday, December 30, 2019, Cyber Security Philippines-Computer Emergency Response Team (CSP-CERT) warned netizens that once the link is clicked, they would be redirected to a malicious website.

"Careful with opening greeting notification via messenger this New Year. Better yet - before opening one confirm first with your friend, family, and relatives if they indeed sent one," CSP-CERT said in a Facebook post.

Such websites can access personal data from victims.

The cyber security team advised those who have been victimized to immediately change the passwords of their banking and social media accounts. They are also told to reset their browsers and update anti-malware and scan software. (JGS)