Some PUJ, taxi operators prefer to use old fare matrices

MAJORITY of the public utility vehicles (PUVs), which include traditional public utility jeepneys (TPUJs), taxi units and buses, in the Central Visayas have already gotten their fare matrices from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB 7) so they can implement the latest fare increase.

LTFRB Regional Director Eduardo Montealto Jr., however, said on Wednesday, December 28, that only 30 percent of PUJ and taxi operators in the entire region have secured the new fare tariffs due to various reasons.

Montealto said that taxi drivers prefer to keep the flagdown rate at P40 because some of their passengers won’t ask for a change in the amount of between P5 to P20.

The PUJ operators, on the other hand, chose not to get new fare matrices as their special permits will expire on March 2023.

Currently, there are only 850 TPUJs running in Metro Cebu.

Montealto said that unlike the PUVs, 100 percent of modernized PUJs and buses in Metro Cebu have already secured their fare matrices. (PAC, TPT)