Puppy patiently waits in line for free porridge

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While many dogs can charm their way into getting food just by begging us with their puppy dog eyes, very few have the patience to follow the rules and line up with everybody else to get their grub (let alone have the smarts to understand what “rules” and “lines” even are).

One puppy recently stole people’s hearts online after he was photographed lining up for free lugaw (rice porridge) that was being given away during a community service outreach program in Navotas.

Dennis Tanjuan, a member of the organization who organized the free food drive, caught the adorable moment in photos that he shared online.

“No one cut him in line,” he wrote in Filipino, “He was there first and waited patiently for hot, tasty, and free lugaw.”

The photos have been shared over 80,000 times as of writing.

Tanjuan said the puppy must have been waiting 15 to 20 minutes for his turn before eventually receiving his own bowl of hot lugaw.

Image: Dennis Tanjuan
Image: Dennis Tanjuan

“This fur baby puts other people to shame, he can actually patiently wait for his own turn,” one commenter said.

“Such a cute and smart dog,” another said.