Pusha-T launches new label Heir Wave Music Group

The rapper announced his new business venture earlier this week during an event held at Defiant Studios in Richmond, Virginia.

Pusha-T also revealed that Heir Wave Music Group will dedicate itself to signing and promoting up-and-coming artists from his home state of Virginia.

"As far as Virginia goes, I sort of feel like we haven't established a circuit that's really our own. Now, with the label, that's one of the things I'm trying to do. Now that we got this label, I'm trying to also establish a circuit you can all call your own. Just all over Virginia," he said during the launch event.

The "Daytona" vocalist also introduced Petersburg, Virginia rising star Kahri 1K as the label's first signee, adding that "[he] felt like Kahri, and [he] felt like Kahri's project, would be a great one to start this whole campaign with."

The rapper, born Nakahri Crenshaw, released his latest project, "The Ghost of Pecan Acres," under Heir Wave on January 31.

In addition to launching his own recording label, Pusha-T recently quashed rumors that he will reform Clipse with his brother No Malice.

The hip-hop duo dropped their latest and third studio album, "Til the Casket Drops," in 2009.

The Virginia MC also made headlines earlier this week when he pulled his latest single, "Hunting Season," from streaming services following the shooting death of rising star Pop Smoke.

The Jadakiss-assisted song features lyrics that Pusha-T deemed insensitive in the light of Smoke's recent murder, including "When I think of these rappers, I wanna go huntin'" and "I've got a couple rappers' heads on the wall of my crib."

"The whole concept of hunting season and the hypothetical ideas of 'killing rappers' isn't [sitting] well with me while mourning the recent death of Popsmoke. Rest in Peace POP and condolences to his family," he explained on Instagram, without confirming whether the removal was permanent.