Pussyfooting cat stranded on roof rescued

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TRUE to their service motto: “We save lives and properties,” personnel of the Mandaue City Fire Office (MCFO) saved a cat that had gotten stuck on the roof of a townhouse at Doña Rosario Village in Barangay Basak on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.

Fire Officer 1 Riel Denura led his team in rescuing the cat, which reportedly climbed the roof of the two-story townhouse on Monday evening, Sept. 6, 2021.

The owner of the house decided to call local firefighters after hearing the cat crying on the roof of his house when Typhoon Jolina brought heavy rains to Cebu on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

Denura said the owner attempted to rescue the cat by trying to lead it toward an adjacent house. But the cat didn’t budge.

The owner decided to call the local firefighters to help rescue the stuck feline.

Denura said rescuing the cat was challenging as it was also raining at that time.

The cat also gave firefighters a hard time as it jumped to other houses.

Denura said it took them an hour to finally catch the cat and bring it down to its owner.

Denura said aside from fires, firefighters also conduct rescue operations, regardless of whether they are on humans or not.

Denura said the cat they rescued in Basak was the third one this year. (KFD)

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