We put Remington's 'twisted' hair straighteners to the test

Victoria Jowett
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK / Alex Hering

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It’s no great secret that we love testing out new hair tools here on the Cosmo beauty desk, we’ve tried the Ghd Oracle, Dyson’s AirWrap and the Ghd Glide (to name a few), but this time it’s Remington that's caught our eye. Yup, they've launched a 'twisted' hair straightener, and yes, it's just as quirky as it sounds.

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Dubbed, the Remington Curl and Straight Confidence, the 2-in-1 hair styler looks like a regular pair of straighteners, but upon closer inspection, it's pretty obvious that unlike our standard flat-plated ghds, this tool has twisted plates. Feast your eyes people...

I know what you're thinking, why the weird plates? According to Remington, the "unique twisted plates help those that normally struggle to curl their hair with straighteners to instead curl with confidence". However, despite their funky shape, you can still use the styler to straighten your hair as well. Weird, huh?

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK / Alex Hering
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK / Alex Hering

So does it live up to the hype? We put it to the test in our Beauty Lab YouTube series - which, if you're new to these parts, is where we test all sorts of weird and wonderful beauty products on camera.

Check out the video above to watch three Cosmo Editors try the Remington Curl and Straight Confidence for the first time, and find out whether we think it's really worth that £119 price tag... (spoiler alert, we have a LOT of feelings).

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