What to put in your wardrobe capsule

With so many new fashion styles emerging and returning, it is safe to say that there are so many going around. With the rise of social media, consuming fashion has become increasingly more accessible and has taken a new turn when it comes to its marketing by boxing it into certain aesthetics/styles (street style, grunge, fairycore, Y2K, dark academia, and more).

However, it is important to have timeless pieces that you can put together with very minimal effort and that is why everyone should work on building their wardrobe capsule.

A wardrobe capsule basically consists of basic but timeless pieces that you can mix and match effortlessly. With this kind of wardrobe, you can never go wrong with your outfits and will fit for every occasion.

Knowing which fashion staple is key to creating an efficient and functional wardrobe capsule, and here are some tips and tricks that you need to know in making the wardrobe capsule that works for you.


Whether you are playing it safe or want to keep your outfits elegant and classy, you can never go wrong with the simplicity and power of neutral colors. They complement each other which makes it easier to mix and match and make yourself look effortlessly out together.


Skinny jeans are always there to make you look sexy, but slacks do the same thing but in a more sophisticated and comfortable way. Corporate attires have become more casual as people are mixing both comfort and functionality into something more efficient but stylish. Black and off-white slack are the essentials that can be worn in formal or casual events.

Button down shirts

Button down shirts are one of the basic pieces that are sure to elevate one’s look effortlessly. Neutral colors are key to getting the right button down shirt that will match all your other staple pieces in your wardrobe capsule and allow you to endlessly mix and match different outfits.

White rubber shoes

Rubber shoes made its huge comeback this year as people started to become more casual with their getups. However, the combination of casual and corporate attire has made rubber shoes a more acceptable fashion statement in the corporate world as well. Whether you are on the run or in an important event, rubber shoes are sure to provide you the comfort and style. S