PWDs in Cebu City will receive COVID jab at home

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Persons with disabilities living in Cebu City may receive their COVID-19 vaccination at home, according to mayor Michael Rama.

The mayor said that the city government will soon implement the “Vaccination at Your Home” program for PWDs, where those eligible for cash assistance can receive the jab in the comforts of their home.

Mayor Rama said that the city wants to boost vaccination efforts for PWDs before distributing financial assistance in order to protect the sector from severe COVID-19 infection.

Meanwhile, more pop-up vax sites will be put up to accommodate PWDs who are able to go out of their house to get their Covid-19 vaccines.

The mayor assured that all 12,000 PWDs in Cebu city will receive their cash aid but stressed that the city government would prioritize those who are fully vaccinated, followed by those who received their first dose.

Rama, former Cebu City vice mayor, was sworn in as mayor in November following the death of Mayor Edgardo Labella.

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