Qantas airline staff vote to strike over busy Christmas period

Qantas workers are fighting for better pay and working conditions. Source: Sunrise/Channel 7

Video Transcript

- Cabin crew been out of their-- our enterprise agreement for our QD crew for almost four years and four [INAUDIBLE] Qantas airlines crew for almost three years. So this isn't just happening now.

This is a long time coming, and we have done everything we can to try and get Qantas to the table to try and negotiate a fair pay deal. These are crew that are paid the minimum wage, the modern [? award, ?] their $48,000 a year.

These are not crew that are paid exorbitant pay increases. So you know, I think it needs to be fair. These bonuses, when you divide them over the eight years and the seven years, will be less than a couple of bucks a day. So it's great that Qantas think the bonuses make an answer, but they don't.