Qs7: Seven questions Capitol reporters didn't ask: what Guv Gwen eats when stressed, why she doesn't climb roofs anymore, does she dread not facing a serious rival in 2022, and when ball-pens fly.

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THEY are called "softball questions" in the world of news media. They're easy to answer, compared to the "hardball question."

The reporter has no "gotcha" intent or expectation of getting a story for Top News pages.

But they're hardly asked, not by beat reporters who are perpetually on the lookout for the controversy, the conflict, the hard news of the day.

Yet they provide insight into the person in the news. And sometimes, they require more "intellectual judgment" than a "closed question," which restricts the answer, or the "rhetorical question," which assumes it is impossible or difficult to answer.

What questions have beat reporters at Cebu Capitol not asked Governor Gwen Garcia, who during the first year and a half of the pandemic had faced all sorts of questions from the media?

Here are seven that SunStar on Wednesday, September 8, asked the governor, with the request for brief answers, which the paper told her "should be easy before she'd begin a hard day."

[1] What sinful eating do you indulge in when depressed or stressed by the rigor of governing? Ice cream, dark chocolate?

I don't eat when I'm stressed or depressed.

But I sinfully love "tinabal," "adobong pinakaging," "monggos tinunu-an" on "kan-ong mais." Also "humba" and "buwad."

[2] Do you dread the prospect of not facing a serious rival in May 2022?

Either way, no.

[3] Two words to describe the relations between local government leaders and IATF policymakers.

"Disconnect." And "disconnect."

[4] Many other governors and mayors must disagree with some IATF policies. Why is there only one LGU leader taking the national stage and speaking out?

I have no idea. Maybe you should ask them.

[5] Why are you mostly walking when photographed for your Photo Gallery? People must miss seeing still photos of the governor climbing the Capitol roof or riding on horseback.

My climbing and horseback days are over. Broken hip, remember?

[6] Complete the thought. The pandemic is ¯_(?)_/¯. I wish it would ¯_(?)_/¯.

[7] What brings a smile during a day of work? Or rouses a compulsion to throw a ball-pen across the desk or table?

What brings a smile? Excellent work, thoughtful deeds, classy acts, and graciousness.

What may cause ball-pens to fly? Overpriced estimates, sloth, obvious lies, and power-tripping against the defenseless.

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