QuickRes Client Explainer

A three-minute presentation that details how clients can access the services of QuickRes.org. (Video by EpIC Philippines)

Video Transcript

- Welcome to QuickRes, a new and exciting way to book HIV and sexual health services online while receiving virtual support. QuickRes may be accessed from your mobile devices or computer that is available in a growing number of countries. Just visit QuickRes.org to get started. If we cannot detect your location, select your country from the available list. Country, and a language can be changed at the top of the site at any time.

Your privacy is important, and we do a lot to keep it secure. We encourage you to review our data use and privacy policy by clicking Start, you are agreeing to these terms. Here, you can select from a menu of options depending on your needs. You can assess your service needs by taking a quick quiz, start a chat with one of our trained on line staff, request a call-back, or directly book services available in your country.

For first-time QuickRes users, we recommend first assessing your service needs with a quick online quiz. Here, you will explore your HIV testing history, any potential exposure to HIV, and your experience with HIV treatment and a prophylaxis, such as PrEP. Your confidential responses provide you tailored service recommendations suited to your needs. Use these recommendations to book online appointments with various HIV service providers in your country. That's right. With a few taps or clicks, you are on your way to keeping your sexual health in check so you can move on with your life.

Before selecting your services, first screen yourself for symptoms and possible exposure to COVID-19. Based on your result, you may continue to book services or be provided information on local COVID-19 services and alternative ways to access health services on QuickRes, such as virtual consultation or home visits.

Booking step one-- select where you want to find services in your country. Then continue to select an available service provider or clinic. You may filter the list of providers and clinics by the type of service they offer. All clinics have highly trained staff and your best interest at heart.

Booking step two-- select the most suitable date and time for your appointment. And finally, step three-- review your appointment details. Select the services you want to receive during your appointment, and add your contact information. Your mobile number is important so a confirmation can be sent to your mobile device by text message, and so that we may be able to follow up with you. Select Submit and wait a moment for your confirmation.

Screenshot your appointment details; set an alarm or reminder on your phone for your appointment; and when you arrive at the clinic, mention that you've booked services on QuickRes. The clinic will be notified of your appointment, and someone from our QuickRes clients support team may contact you prior to your appointment as a friendly reminder.

You're all set. And wasn't that easy? Return to QuickRes anytime for quick and convenient HIV-related health service access.

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